Nicola is available for private music lessons, taught at her home in Kilburn. She is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher, dedicated to working with each student to find the best way of learning for them. She works with adults and children of all abilities, and has a friendly, flexible approach. As well as teaching oboe, Nicola is also available for piano, voice, saxophone and music theory lessons.

Testimonial from private students:

"Nicola has taught our two girls piano for the last four years. She is able to hold their interest using her humour and keen intelligence. The children look forward to lessons with Nicola as she finely tunes her method and means of engagement teaching one child classical and the other modern. Her CV is most impressive, but it is her humour, creativity and reliability that make her a pleasure to work with."

"Nicola has been teaching my 10 and 13 year old daughters for 6 months. Her enthusiasm and connection with the girls were instant, and their progress has been excellent. Nicola communicates with genuine good humour but is also rigorous with the technique needed to master the instrument. The music I hear wafting from the piano room is filled with dynamics and variation, and she is also entering them for exams. Highly recommended!"

"Nicola is a wonderful teacher.
Having spent a lifetime afraid to sing in public following a horrible choir experience as a child, I approached Nicola; my goal to be able to sing Happy Birthday in public without embarrassment in my late 30s!
Classes have been so much fun, that having conquered Happy Birthday, I refused to leave. Nicola is astute and encouraging and has a knack for getting the best out of me during our classes. She is clearly committed to her students and her wit and analogies are just two of her great assets, making her an expert teacher. I highly recommend Nicola; if not for her expertise, then just for her sense of fun, wit and energy!"